Adjudication Reports

Poetry Competition Report

Amuse Bouche Report - Liv Rowland with Mike Harries, Gordon & Jocelyn Simms

Essay Report - Liv Rowland

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Liz Bevan
2 years ago

This competition was such fun to take part in and a real challenge, too. Many thanks to all those who organised and encouraged, and for the judges' feedback. Keep writing everyone!

Roger Elkin
2 years ago

Many sincere thanks to Brenda and Committee members for their superb management of events, and their encouraging and supportive remarks to competitors. May the competition prosper, and live long!

Mary Gilonne
2 years ago

Very many thanks to Katherine Gallagher for her poetry judging and feedback, I’m really thrilled to have won that section and to have been part of PenNib’s inaugural comp. Thanks too to all the organisers, what a great place you’ve created for writers, may Pen Nib go from strength to strength !
Very best wishes to everyone!

John Green
2 years ago

I offer my sincere thanks to everyone who set up and/or took part in this competition. I entered it just for the fun of putting pen to paper and for the opportunity to share my meagre offerings with other keen scribblers. To see my ugly mug on the "podium" is astonishing. Thanks in particular to the judges... their feed back is extremely valuable and I intend to take it on board fully.
Best wishes from an embarrassed and undeserving JG.

Graham Bryant
2 years ago

Hi and thank you judges for constructive comments all of which I will take on board should I try and write another story and in particular the importance of pace and punch in one's writing. One point which I think ought perhaps to be made is that my little story was not anecdotal or a memoir as I think is suggested in the commentary but just a piece of fiction written for a Dutch friend. Again many thanks I am going to spend some time reading peoples contributions and am already in awe of the winning poetry entry which was just fantastic.

Hello amazing writers.

Some heartfelt wishes for the festive, but possibly very wobbly, season. May you be well, may you be warm, may you be happy.

All the entries for our first year of Pen Nib are now in and with the judges who will be coming up with the results and their reports in February 2020.I hope you get some quiet spells for rest and relaxation over the holiday period so that you can have those 'Aha!' moments of inspiration. You can then craft them into your unique creative contributions, knowing they will be read.This year we have had three sections with poetry being by far the largest entry group. Do you have any views on categories or subjects that you would like to see in 2022?