By Liv Rowland of The Connexion'


Literary enthusiasts from the Dordogne are launching an English-language writing competition for people of all ages who want to have their say in the aftermath of the difficult months of Brexit and Covid.

Entries are now open for the Pen Nib International Writing Competition 2021, organised by a new association, Les Projets Bookstop.

There is a poetry section, a children’s section called Amuse Bouche and an essay section called A matter of concern.



By Brenda Henderson, Présidente


Do you know what a glose is? No? Neither did I. Fortunately, one of our team members, Joc Simms, did. For the Glose you take 4 lines of poetry from another poet and write four 10 line stanzas ending each with a consecutive line from your chosen poet.


Jocelyn Simms – (Close to You | Sentinel Literary Quarterly (


Here is Joc's award-winning entry based on T S Eliot's 'The Waste Land'. Congratulations Joc.



Have you ever been miffed, bugged, tetchy, angry, incandescent about something? (Sounds like me on a bad hair day - lol)

Do you remember 'Shirley Valentine' when she is so desperate that she ends up talking to the wall because no-one is listening to her?

Have you sometimes thought that the so-called experts have no idea what they're talking about?

Well, now is your chance to have your say and to be heard. Check out our 'How to enter' page for 'A matter of concern' on If there are problems linking to it from Face Book and, let's face it, FB has a few peoblems at present, try googling The Pen Nib International Writing Competition.